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Colourless Colour

Came across these photos while researching for an article I am writing for 29 Secrets. The article is about wearing all one colour, which I have so cleverly dubbed the "monochromatic movement" (when thinking of titles, I often resort to alliteration, puns, or song lyrics. Any of which will work... sometimes all at once!)

I used to cringe at the thought of wearing more then 1 item of clothing in the same colour. I have never been one for matching. But I have found myself straying into this trend a little more frequently than usual (usual being never).

Found this pic of Jac, looking like a rock formation in grey and taupe, on Altamira. I have embraced this sedimentary style myself, and I have photos to prove it... But they are not developed yet. Can someone tell me the logic of using a film camera for a fashion blog? On that note, if anyone has a DSLR they want to give away for free to a needy blogger, please contact me.

This one's from Garance. I love all the different shades of blue, they look so great with her hair. Actually, blue and orange are complimentary colours, so if you are going to wear all blue, you should probably dye your hair orange. Just a thought.

Freja, also from Altamira, sporting the Model uniform of all black. I wore all black one time last month... I felt so dark. But she looks really good.

I will post my tips for embracing the monochromatic movement once it is posted on 29secrets.com. And I will post more outfit shots once I either finish and develop my film, or find a cheep digital camera that doesn't take awful grainy pictures.

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