"People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like." -- Abraham Lincoln


The first days of spring.

After seeing some of my fav stylish celebs wearing short shorts this week, I felt inspired.


Images via Knight Cat

But I forgot one simple fact; I live in CANADA. Just days ago I was trudging through snow up north. That, paired with the other minor detail - my legs are not shorts-ready - led me to determine that tights are still necessary... as are boots. But yay shorts!

Do you like my red door?

I call this my "Abbey Lee" lipstick. In reality it's Revlon Matte "Pink about it".

Sears catalogue? Don't I look wholesome.

Tank top - Eatons thrifted
Belt - Thrifted
Unstructured blazer - Urban Outfitters
Vest - my mom's closet :)
Tights - Joe Fresh
Boots - Frye


  1. Oh I totally know what you're talking about when you say your legs are not shorts-ready yet. Mine are still so white, and every summer I remember my knees are actually really ugly. Anyway, since I live in the Netherlands I don't get to show a lot of leg yet as well. Although the sun is out today, it is so cold and windy... I love your lipstick!

    Love, Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa! I'm going to try working on the tan, once the weather starts cooperating :S