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The Pants Situation

The past few weeks have been beautiful weather so I have been wearing a lot of shorts and skirts. But I have been noticing the lack of pants in my closet. I have a couple pairs of skinny jeans, but lately I have been in the market for a good pair of boyfriend jeans, and a pair of light tapered trousers. Any of these would do...

mmmm boyfriend jeans... (The Sartorialist)

ADAM pre-fall 2010

Moschino pre-fall 2010

Stella McCartney pre-fall 2010

But since I am but a poor, unemployed university graduate, I think I can settle for these from Zara (they look quite similar to the Stella McCartney ones above!!)


** Fun fact, The Pants Situation is actually an indie band from Calgary, whose album I reviewed for the radio station I used to work at. I guess their name just stuck with me. **

** Another fun fact, that just came to me! Today I stumbled upon a picture of the tallest man ever to have lived. His name is Robert Wadlow and he was 8 ft 11 in!!! Must have taken A LOT of material to make pants that fit him. **

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