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Take me to the riot


My place of work (Urban Outfitters Toronto, Yonge St) vandalized by G20 protestors.

"4:16 p.m. Protest goes north

The protesters are heading further north up Yonge St. towards Yonge Dundas Square. They’re becoming less discerning about the businesses they’re targeting.

They started smashing glass at banks, Starbucks, and McDonald’s, but have now turned to businesses like Popeye’s and Urban Outfitters.

Every 10 seconds or so there’s a cavalcade of noise and an eruption of cheers from the crowd accompanying the sound of broken glass." http://thestar.blogs.com/g20/

I'm just glad I wasn't working today.

(Photo taken by one of the Urban Outfitters employees lucky enough to have been working today)

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