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These boots are made for walkin'

Over the Christmas holidays my new obsession began... Frye boots. Frye is one of the oldest shoe companies in North America. They began as soldier attire and now their bulky style and quality leather are considered fashionable and practical. I searched night and day in vintage stores and even bid on (and lost) about 7 pairs on ebay. Just when I had almost given up hope, I received a message from my brother; "hey, do you want a pair of free Frye boots?" ... Ummm, YES! When I got back from school 2 months later, and tried them on, low and behold I could not get the narrow opening on my high arched foot (a common altercation between me and most boots). But all was not lost. I took them into a shoe repair shop and had a zipper installed on the inside seem. And now I am the proud owner of beautiful Frye boots that fit!


I love the colour and the buckle on the side. And because they are light and cropped, they can work in any season, with a variety of different types of outfits. Yay! Boots make me so happy.

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