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No man's land

Earlier this week, thanks to a friends Facebook post, I discovered a wonderful fashion blog. It's called The Man Repeller, and it is possibly the best thing I have ever read. I have often discussed with friends the idea of dressing for men vs dressing for women. Dressing for men might include clothing that emphasizes ones butt and/or breasts, things that are tight, short or low cut... I can only speculate as to whether these are correct, seeing as I actually know very little about dressing for men.

When I put on an outfit, I am generally thinking about what I feel good in at the time, and what attention and/or complements I will receive from other women. My current favourite items in my closet include; any and all oversized sweaters, high waisted trousers, structured blazers, a fur coat, loafers, and a scarf so huge that I can practically cocoon my entire body in it. Sounds sexy doesn't it? Now I won't lie I do throw in a sheer shirt or short hemline every now and again... however the shirt is buttoned to the very top and the outfit is generally paired with combat boots.

Which brings me to a little experience I had the other night. I decided that friday night was a good night for my deep red currant lip stick, which I love with all my heart. My roommates told me how great it looked (whilst wearing deep red matte lipsticks of their own), and I went to an all female party where I received numerous compliments on the shade of my lipstick. I was feeling good. Then I went to a bar to have some beer and listen to east coast music and a male friend of mine, who I hadn't seen in a while, felt it was necessary to tell me that my lipstick made me look like I was dead. Dead?

So, while to the women I might have looked like this...


... apparently to the men, I looked like this...


Lucky I dress for women.

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