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So long to the headstrong

The weather was starting to get colder, did you know? I mainly started to notice this fact while riding my bike, because my grip is not as tight when my hands are frozen, and my ears start to hurt from the cold air blowing past them. So I figured it was about time to get out my mittens, hats, and headbands.

Then the weather started to get warm again, and now I have all these mittens, hats and headbands that I can't wear yet. HOWEVER the temperature in the mall that I work in is just right for modeling wicked headbands, so that's just what I did.

One day last week, Zoe came into work and said this to me... "So I just cut the arms off of one of my fur jackets because I wanted to make it into a vest, do you want the arms?" That might seem like an odd question, but let me tell you folks, I wanted those arms. I took them, and I made a fur headband out of them (seen on myself, below) . And because Zoe gave me the arms to make that lovely accessory, I gave her the honour of modeling a headband that I crocheted last winter (and WHAT and honour it is, right?).



Now all I need is some cold weather so I can wear these without breaking out in a sweat... am I really asking for cold weather?

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