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If I leave before you, then I walk out alone

Hello! Holy crazy week. After a lovely long weekend at the cottage, I returned to mounds of uncompleted homework. I am slowly but surely working my through that, but for the time being I decided to take a little break to share something with you. You'll never guess what it is.... pictures of clothes I wore! Yay!

My old pal Michelle gave me this for my birthday a few weeks ago. It's crocheted, white, and wonderful. And it's from 69 Vintage, one of Toronto's little gems. I'm leaving the liner in for now because I am fond of it. But there may come a time when I decide to take it out. If I should do that, I will be sure to wear something substantial underneath, I promise.

Shirt - 69 Vintage, Jeans - Urban Outfitters, Bag - Roots, Sandals - Franco Sarto from L'Elegant

Actually now that I look at this, I recall that it was the outfit I wore on my first day of summer school! Not the kind of summer school you have to go to because you failed a class, but the kind you go to when you consciously make a choice to do full-time courses during the summer. I do not recommend making this choice. That's probably why I look so bitter.

Seriously, I am pretty much a spokesperson for Roots. They may as well sponsor me. Right? (Roots if you do decide to reward me for all the free glowing publicity I give to your bags, I am veeeery interested in this purse, in the bright pink and orange colour;). Worth a shot right?)

On another note, often when I write blog posts I listen to music while I write. And perhaps you noticed that my post titles are all song lyrics (no really!). So I have decided that from now on I will include whatever song I am currently listening to at the end of each post. Just for funsies! Please enjoy The Antlers, I don't want love.

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