"People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like." -- Abraham Lincoln


Well, I don't believe in double vision

Mixing patterns and textures! A little fur on floral on stripe.

Me wearing my mother's vintage mink fur, thrifted floral and striped shirts and boots from Aldo.

Me wearing that same outfit AND a death stare. I think this is the face that I make as my attempt at a "neutral" face when walking around by myself. Which may explain why I have very few friends... hmmm.

But I digress.

Anyway, after writing this post I did a little blog browsing. Turns out mixing as many patterns as you possibly can, is a hot topic at the moment. Man Repeller did a tutorial on it in her most recent post and Strangersinthepages features it as well. God that Man Repeller is good. Obviously I am not quite at the level of mixing 5 different brightly coloured patterns. But I'm getting there. In fact I recently bought an Aztec printed blazer from Value Village that is just dying to be worn with a plaid shirt (and maybe a floral scarf and striped socks if I'm feeling really daring). I just have to finish taking out the shoulder pads performing various other alterations. So stay tuned for that one!


  1. ooo la la kendra T!
    looove it.
    good score mama thompson
    and great pairing it together ken!

    hows school going friend?

  2. Thanks Hatts! School is BUSY! But being in a PR program does make me more motivated to update my blog, so that's a plus. Hope all is well with you, I'm sure I'll see you soon!