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Don't be afraid to change your colours now

Just a few days ago I did a "check me out, I only own neutral colours" post. Today I am doing a "I'm a filthy liar, look at all the colours I actually own" post. Or you might call it a "colour blocking" post. Potato pot-ah-to.


Colour blocking; The hottest thing to hit fashion since leopard print (BTW I'm also wearing leopard print here.)

I wore this outfit to a meeting this week, and I was really excited about it (it being the outfit... but also the meeting!)

Purple shirt - American Apparel
Coral skirt - H&M (FUN FACT: this skirt was gift from my wonderful friend Kayan, who is a stylist extraordinaire. It can also be seen in a photo shoot I helped out with, pictures to come.)

Teal socks - Zellers (I think?)
Leopard shoes - Town Shoes

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  1. um fabulous.
    I am LOVING all the bright and BOLD colours coming this spring!

    that skirt is great!

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