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On a rainy Monday

It's raining and I have to go mail a letter (WhiteGirlProblem). How appropriate for the first day of Spring. I think that because it is Spring, and because it is raining, and because it is likely to rain some more, I should probably buy this Marc by Marc Jacobs Celeste Raincoat. Of course I have $335 to spend on a raincoat! I don't have money for food, shelter, or tuition, but I could definitely invest in a classic piece that will keep my dry while I'm walking to school because I don't have money for the Go Bus... and look how shiny it is!!!





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  1. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    ha! i need a new rain jacket too...
    I went to put on my old one to walk up to university and gerrard...not cutting it.
    i'll have to go to winners on my way home and get a new one maybe? haha because me as well cannot afford a $300 coat!

    i wish....

    later gator

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog