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Flightless bird, American mouth

I just bought this skirt from American Apparel and I am so looking forward for a bright, sunny spring day to wear it on. Now I just wish I looked like this girl... is she hot or what? I was just telling Ruth La Ferla of NY Times Fashion (casually dropping that in / reassuring myself that I actually did talk to her and that it wasn't a dream) that girls and guys may have different opinions of the "sexiness" of long skirts. While I happen to think this grandma chic look is hotter than Megan Fox riding a motorcycle in a bikini, a guy might see it as just plain grandma, which might not be his thing.



Photos from gary pepper vintage.

And check out the fashion section of the NY Times on April 7 for a story on long skirts for springtime that might just feature yours truly ;) . While you're at it you may as well check out the rest of the paper too, I hear it's pretty good.

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  1. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    ken. you own this. jealous.
    you better wear it out one night when we go out, so i can marvel at its' beauty and touch it's glorious fabric and then of course compliment you on how great you look that evening! haha

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog