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Something kinda funny

The April issue of InStyle combines some of my greatest loves ... Tina Fey, colour blocking, and camel. She is looking goooood. Maybe a tad to airbrushed... but look at her wearing a camel onesie and some tight bright colours! Bit of a change from the jeans and blazers she wears on 30 Rock (which I still love BTW). When asked about her wardrobe on the show she states “It’s ironic that Liz Lemon is supposed to look kind of bedraggled, she looks way more pulled together than I would if I were going to write for the show. I wouldn’t wear a blazer—I’d wear a sweat jacket.”

God I love her. I love her so much.


  1. oh my oh my oh my! where the heck do i get myself one of those onsies. LOVE it.

    i also have a crush on her necklace and belt. I may have to go pick this magazine up at the store. My subscription to it ran out!

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  2. I know! Such great styling on this one. I really love the blue on the shoes and bag, and yea that belt is pretty fantastic.