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All the money I had is gone

Well, I have returned from New York city with some wonderful pictures and memories. I must admit, it feels weird to be back to real life where it is not so acceptable dress in giant fur coats, sheer skirts and leopard print heels. But I am coping.

One crucial part of being back to real life is being back at school. One of my assignments this week is to create an industry blog and make some posts. Lucky for me I already have an industry blog and was already planning on doing some posts! So for the purpose of this assignment my next few blog posts will all represent the same theme... how to do NYFW on the cheap... or as I like to call it Managing NYFW Modestly (gotta have some catchy alliteration in there right?)

So here we go!

Managing NYFW Modestly

My phone is not smart, my name is not known, and my bank account is not full... but did this stop me from going to NYFW? It did not. The following posts could be considered the memoir of a simple Canadian girl trying to make her dreams come true (now doesn't that just warm your heart?) As a student who will not see the end of my student loan debt for many, many years, the phrases "I can't afford it" and "mom I'll pay you back when I'm rich" are in my regular vocabulary. So naturally the thing that inspired me (and my friend Jill) to go to NYFW was a 30% of sale on Porter Airlines (and seriously, I will pay my mom back for that).

The idea of going to NYFW seem so far beyond the realm of possibility for me, but once I booked that ticket to NYC I just hoped that I would somehow figure the rest out. The next thing we had to do was book the hotel. We went to Hotwire where I promptly found a 2.5 star hotel for $75 a night (split between 2). We almost didn't book it because the website doesn't tell you which hotel you are booking, or where exactly it is located until after you pay. Kind of sketchy, but we decided to ignore that and book it anyway. The hotel turned out to be perfectly acceptable and only mildly sketchy. Score!

The last thing we had to do before departing was to somehow obtain tickets to a fashion show. Not an easy operation seeing as the general public cannot purchase tickets. We got lucky because Jill works for a magazine, and thus was able to obtain media passes to a few smaller shows. The other way to do it is to follow fashion blogs and important people on twitter and keep an eye out for contests that give away tickets. Or just hang out outside the Lincoln Center and wait for Anna Wintour to spot you and say "YOU! Yes you! I have an extra seat for Alexander Wang and it's all yours" (this very well could happen... I know for a fact that it happened in my dream one time.)

So there you have it. It's possible to get there, stay there for 4 nights, and see a few shows for less than $500.

And once you get there, you may need to know these interesting elements that I found particularly funny....

1. If you hang around the Lincoln Center and get your photo taken by enough fashion bloggers/street style magazines, the tourists will start to think you are famous and will also ask to take your picture. So even if you are not that important, you will certainly feel like you are.

A real fashion photographer taking Jill's picture.

A weird tourist taking Jill's picture.

2. You start to see Anna Wintour and her blonde bob around so much, it almost becomes old news...almost.


I didn't take a picture the third time I saw her because, like, whatever.

3. If you carry around a camera that was made in 1971, it is not only a great conversation starter, but also a hot fashion accessory.


4. Models look like this, and us normal people don't. We have to find this funny because if not, it's just really sad.

Arizona Muse street style after Caroline Herrera

Photos taken by myself, except for the one of me which was taken by Jill.

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