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Baby you can drive my car

Upon arriving in NYC one of the first things I noticed was that there didn't seem to be that many ridiculously dressed fashion people strolling along the sidewalks. As an avid fashion blog peruser I see all the gigantic hats, clunky heels, high shoulder pads and oversized coats that fashion icon's are wearing, and I assume that they just walk around the city looking like that all the time.

Not so.

These people take a car to the show, get out and walk the short distance into the building (posing for a few photos along the way), exit the building, pose for a few more photos and get back into a car. Then, I can only assume, they go to a restaurant on top of the Empire State building and eat caviar off of plates made of solid gold.

Jill and I, on the other hand, did not have the luxury of having a personal chauffeur to drive us around the city. So we were forced to take the subway and the occasional cab. But frugal fashionistas rejoice, it was super cheap!!! At least compared to the Toronto transit that I am used to. A single ride ticket on the NYC subway is $2.25, compared to $3 in Toronto, and their cabs start at $2.50 while Toronto's start at $4! We were pleasantly surprised.

So, getting around the city on a budget... easy! What is not so easy is getting around the city while dressed up for fashion week, without receiving confused glances and off-putting comments from passerbys.

For example...

While wearing this slightly sheer maxi-skirt and old New York lady outside of Starbucks yelled at me, "you should be wearing a petticoat, you can see right through that thing!!" True Story.


While wearing a similar long black skirt a man on the subway told me I looked like Morticia Addams.


I would have to respectfully disagree, mainly because I have blonde hair and was wearing pink lipstick and camel coat at the time. But to each his own.

In addition to taking various forms of transit, we also walked around the city quite a lot. Which brings me to my next money saving tip: If you walk around NYC all day in heels, you will be too sore and tired to go out at night, thus saving a ton of money that would have otherwise been spent on bar covers and alcohol. So hurray to being tired and lame!

Check out Jill's heels. Those babies are like 6 inches, no way she was getting up after we hit that hotel bed. Cha-ching!



  1. oh my gosh. i LOVE jills last outfit.

    and kudos kendra for doing so much work on your thrifted pieces!

  2. Jill is a mega-babe. I'm sure she would agree that those shoes were worth any pain they might have caused.