"People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like." -- Abraham Lincoln


Start spreading the news

This is what a girl who is about to go to NYFW looks like...


Terrifying isn't it?

Despite my manic state, I think I am all packed and ready to go. One last message to anyone who happens to check this blog out from time to time; I will most likely not be posting while I am gone because I am leaving my faithful MacBook at home. But I do have a phone (not a smart one though) from which I can Tweet. So for updates on my first NYFW experience follow me on Twitter (that is my first time using that phrase on my blog, how exciting!)

Twitter name - KendraaaaJT (at the time this was the only name that seemed to work, although something tells me perhaps I didn't explore enough options).

Back in 4 days wooo!

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