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Counting all different ideas drifting away

I just skyped with my good friend Curt who currently resides in Woodstock NB. It's so great that technology allows us to have face-to-face conversations, even while living so far apart. BUT it kind of made me miss him even more :( Woe is me.

SO. For nostalgia's sake here is a photo of the two of us, for allllll of you to enjoy. It is also fitting for this blog because Curt is a pretty stylish young gentleman. Just look at him! Yes, he always makes cool faces like that. And yes, he is wearing a jacket entirely made of sequins. And if the photo were in colour you would see that is a lovely shade of royal blue.


There you go. A sentimental yet sartorially inspiring blog post. Aren't those the best kind?!

Oh and remember Curt - just because you are utterly alone in rural New Brunswick, doesn't mean that you can't bust out this beauty (or any other of your stylish threads for that matter) every once and a while.

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