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If I could have a second skin

Probably the most frightening and intimidating thing about going to NYFW was deciding what to wear. I was well aware that there were going to be a lot of beautiful, stylish women decked out in Chanel, DVF, Marc Jacobs and the like, and sporting Louboutins and Manolo Blahniks on their feet. But the only designer items of clothing I own are a vintage Armani jacket and some of my mom's old Escada shoes.

Notice a trend? I apparently like things that are old and used, which is great for my wallet! I assembled almost my entire NYFW wardrobe from thrifted or vintage pieces.

Let's investigate.

Day one
Standing in the dark gloomy hallway of our hotel, so happy to be wearing green trousers! (Note: I have a pair of socks that match that carpet to a T, refer to the next outfit for proof.) The shoes and pants are both vintage. The shirt is vintage and hand altered (I bought another paisley shirt, cut some pieces off and sewed them to the collar and front of the shirt). The belt is from zara and it came with another pair of trousers that I bought. Super inexpensive outfit. Moving on.

Day two
I bought the fur from a thrift store for only $30, the skirt was thrifted as well, but a lot of time was put into altering it. Here is a view of the shoes and socks...
Note: This pic is cropped from one taken by Phil Oh and can be found on... wait for it... VOUGE.COM!!!

These are the socks that match the carpet (you know you are mighty fashionable when the prints you wear match tacky hotel decor), and the shoes are from the Town Shoes outlet store (the animal print shoes most likely also matches some tacky hotel decor somewhere)!

Day three
My mom likes this outfit because both the jacket, which is Laurel/Escada, and the pants are from her! The scarf is handmade by my friend Madeline, the turband is a silk scarf I bought from a thrift store, that a guy in Lincoln Square mistook for Hermes. I was pretty happy about that. I had another version of this outfit that I wore earlier that day; instead of jeans I wore a camel suede skirt that I made and I wore navy loafers with a bit of a heel. Both versions of this outfit were equally penny-pinching.

Update: Found a picture of the other version of this outfit on Vogue Japan. EEeeee!

Day four
Vintage Armani jacket, thrifted skirt and top, and my Town Shoes shoes again. I cut half the liner out of the skirt to make it sheer. And by the way, I know it's February, but it was 10 degrees Celsius and sunny that day!

And there you go, my New York street style. A totally inexpensive NYFW wardrobe. The only item from my wardrobe that was a bit of a splurge is my roots bag, but even that I got on sale. And look, here it is walking across the Brooklyn bridge! Hey bag!


Another way to save money in NYC, go on a model diet! Or only eat food that was given to you in a Fashion show gift bag. (I am only half serious about those tips...)

And lastly, if you have a smart phone with data, turn off that data and steal WiFi from where ever you can. If your phone is not smart (like mine) then I think you already know a thing or two about saving money ;) .

And that, my stylish friends, is how I did NYFW and how you can do it too. Things brings me to the end of my Managing NYFW Modestly segment, but stay tuned because I still have more street style photos to post!


  1. great pictures, kendra!
    i love the last one of the brooklyn bridge, i LOVED all your outfits!

  2. Thanks Kayan! I have to give some thanks to Jill, for her photography, and her patience with me while I asked her over and over if my outfit looked ok.

  3. i love love love the outift on the bridge kendra! va va vooom! it's so perf.

  4. Why thank you Hattie. I know you appreciate a good vintage piece just as much as I do!