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Naked as we came

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I had a very exciting day yesterday, I received my Kimberly Taylor Stokholm dress!!! Or perhaps better known as "the naked dress", to all Man Repellers. For those who don't know, I won it a couple weeks ago in a Man Repeller contest. This dress is absolutely beautiful. The material is so silky and shiny and I am in love with the colour. And it's mine, allll mine.

So to start things off, this dress is pretty hot, especially when worn with my black heeled booties and floral tights.


I wore the dress out last night so I decided to add a few things to make it a bit more casual and a bit more Man Repelling, in honour of the girl who deemed me deserving of this dress. I threw on my thrifted lace-up boots, socks and Joe Fresh denim button-down. Also the dress is pretty short on me so I opted to wear my American Apparel lace trimmed shorts underneath. The shorts over the tights say "yes my dress is short, but don't get any ideas boys because I am wearing 3 unyielding and impenetrable layers underneath ". And the third layer is probably full-bottom granny panties ;) .


For warmth I thought it would have been a great idea to put my fur coat on overtop.

But it was really wet and snowy out so I opted for my black utility coat. Sometimes you gotta be practical.

Looking at these pictures of myself makes me think 2 things. Firstly, I need a much better digital camera. And secondly, sometimes taking the red-eye out of pictures makes you look even creepier than you looked with the red-eye. Either way, I'm going to have a lot of fun finding new ways to transform and play with my new naked dress. Thank you, thank you Man Repeller and Kimberly Taylor. I'm the happiest fashion blogger in the world.

And just for fun, here are a few other items from the Kimberly Taylor spring/summer 2011 collection which I have really fallen for.

Got yourself a simple tight black dress that you want to jazz up a little bit? Just throw a leather vest on top... why didn't you think of that?!

This shirt is so pretty. I want to wear it on a warm spring day.

Underwear as outterwear. A very pretty chemise-like top.

Loving this. Put on a leather bow-tie and some patent oxfords and you're all set.

Lot of leather in this collection, and I like it. I want to wear this shirt, with the leather vest and the leather shorts all at once... to much? Perhaps. Even though leather is the perfect item to wear in the summer because we all know how well it breaths, maybe keep to one leather item at a time. These shiny crotch-ruched shorts are pretty nice too though.

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  1. ken you looked so hot in this nude little dress! very carrie bradshaw? haha

    love the combat boots paired with it!

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