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Everyone's a winner

So I will be on route for new York City in about 22 hours time. In those 22 hours, here is everything I must accomplish...

- clean all of my salt covered-leather shoes
- iron a few items of clothing
- pick up my brother from the train station (Dammit Connor!)
- pack every article of clothing and footwear I own into a suitcase
- pack and organize everything else I might need for NYFW (camera, film, toiletries and so on)
- study for a test
- write a test
- finish an assignment
- attend 6 hours of class
- paint my nails
- eat
- sleep

So maybe you are thinking "Kendra you blockhead, if you have to do all that why the heck are you wasting your time blogging". Well loyal followers here is your answer. Yesterday I entered a contest on Man Repeller (if you don't know what this is then find out!), to win a Kimberly Taylor "Naked" dress. Basically I had to describe how I would take this gorgeous man-attracting dress and turn it into a good ol' fashioned man repeller. And I won! I never win things! The Man Repeller herself pick my outfit as the the most hideously unappealing to the male species. I couldn't be more thrilled.

So here is the dress I won, and my interpretation of the look (only I am wearing a black Gap dress because that is all I had to work with).



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